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Lesson 1: Addiction is Learned

  1. Describe how you learned to use and why you kept using drugs and alcohol
  2. Describe the most common causes of relapse
  3. Describe the key learning required to succeed at relapse prevention

Lesson 2: Addiction and Mental Health

  1. List the common mental health problems and disorders caused by the drugs you have used
  2. List the most common mental health problems for people who experience addiction
  3. Identify actions you can begin to take about your mental health problems
Lesson 3: Addiction And Physical Health
  1. Describe the common physical health problems and disorders caused by abuse of alcohol and drugs
  2. Describe the common health problems resulting from the addiction lifestyle
  3. Identify 3 things you can do to start, and to continue to improve your physical health
Lesson 4: Addiction And Relationships
  1. Describe the evidence about groups and drinking or using drugs
  2. Identify the relationship problems that can lead to drug and alcohol use
  3. Identify 2 values that can lead to more positive relationship decisions
Lesson 5. How We Think Impacts How We Act
  1. Describe how thoughts create emotions and impact actions
  2. Describe how your interpretation of events affects your rehab experience
  3. Describe how motivation works and why sessions and activities are compulsory
Lesson 6: Managing Cravings And Urges
  1. Describe how exaggerated or distorted thinking results in negative emotions
  2. Describe how obsessive compulsive disorders are similar to impulse control disorders like, drug and alcohol abuse, gambling and compulsive sex
  3. Describe steps to reduce obsessive thoughts, compulsions, and urges
Lesson 7: Sleep And Relapse Prevention
  1. Learn the ways sleep restores the body
  2. Learn the negative effects of sleep deprivation
  3. Learn changes you can make to improve your sleep
Lesson 8: Managing Internal Causes Of Relapse
Lesson 9: Food And Relapse Prevention
Lesson 10: Exercise And Relapse Prevention
Lesson 11: Sex And Relapse Prevention
Lesson 12: Medications And Relapse Prevention
Lesson 13: Self Control And Relapse Prevention
Lesson 14: Managing Leftover Toxins

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