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Lesson 1: Addiction is Learned

  1. Describe how you learned to use and why you kept using drugs and alcohol
  2. Describe the most common causes of relapse
  3. Describe the key learning required to succeed at relapse prevention
  4. Includes free Boundary Setting Plan
  5. Watch or listen to this presentation as a video on the go!
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Lesson 2: Addiction and Mental Health

  1. List the common mental health problems and disorders caused by the drugs you have used
  2. List the most common mental health problems for people who experience addiction
  3. Identify actions you can begin to take about your mental health problems
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Lesson 3: Addiction And Physical Health

  1. Describe the common physical health problems and disorders caused by abuse of alcohol and drugs
  2. Describe the common health problems resulting from the addiction lifestyle
  3. Identify 3 things you can do to start, and to continue to improve your physical health
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Lesson 4: Addiction And Relationships

  1. Describe the evidence about groups and drinking or using drugs
  2. Identify the relationship problems that can lead to drug and alcohol use
  3. Identify 2 values that can lead to more positive relationship decisions
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Lesson 5. How We Think Impacts How We Act

  1. Describe how thoughts create emotions and impact actions
  2. Describe how your interpretation of events affects your rehab experience
  3. Describe how motivation works and why sessions and activities are compulsory
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Lesson 6: Managing Cravings And Urges

  1. Describe how exaggerated or distorted thinking results in negative emotions
  2. Describe how obsessive compulsive disorders are similar to impulse control disorders like, drug and alcohol abuse, gambling and compulsive sex
  3. Describe steps to reduce obsessive thoughts, compulsions, and urges
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Lesson 7: Sleep And Relapse Prevention

  1. Learn the ways sleep restores the body
  2. Learn the negative effects of sleep deprivation
  3. Learn changes you can make to improve your sleep
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Lesson 8: Managing Internal Causes Of Relapse

  1. Define lifestyle balance and describe why is it important to relapse prevention
  2. Define internal determinant and describe 6 determinants that can predict or reduce the risk of relapse
  3. Define high risk situation and identify 2 ways to manage high risk situations
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Lesson 9: Food And Relapse Prevention

  1. How has addiction impacted my food choices and eating habits?
  2. How many calories are in a gram of fat, a gram of protein and a gram of carbohydrate?
  3. What two actions can you take to improve your diet?
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Lesson 10: Exercise And Relapse Prevention

  1. Identify 3 ways physical exercise improves your body
  2. List 3 ways exercise can help in your relapse prevention plan
  3. List 2 things you can start doing today to be more physically active
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Lesson 11: Sex And Relapse Prevention

  1. Describe how self esteem and sexual activity are related
  2. List 3 of the impacts of alcohol and drugs on sexual health and 2 actions to increase sexually safety
  3. Describe 5 boundaries that promote intimacy and 5 violations of intimacy boundaries
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Lesson 12: Medications And Relapse Prevention

  1. Describe 3 types of negative drug reactions and 4 drug categories that react negatively with alcohol
  2. List 3 ways in which a doctor or pharmacist can make an error in prescribing medication
  3. List 5 questions you will need to ask a pharmacist about any new medication
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Lesson 13: Self Control And Relapse Prevention

  1. Define self control
  2. Describe self-awareness and self-knowledge and how they can be used to increase self control
  3. List 5 ways to influence yourself to maintain self control
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Lesson 14: Managing Leftover Toxins

  1. List 3 negative symptoms that are often experienced during rehab and recovery that result from past drug or alcohol use
  2. List 3 ways to manage each of the 3 negative symptoms
  3. Describe the blood sugar cycle, the negative symptoms that result from sudden changes, and 2 simple ways to manage
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Lesson 15: Relationships and Relapse Prevention

  1. Describe social support and give examples of positive and negative social support
  2. Describe 4 types of social support and give an example of each
  3. List 4 actions that help develop a positive support network
  4. Watch or listen to this presentation as a video on the go!
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Lesson 16: Unhealthy Relationships and Relapse Prevention

  1. Describe the evidence about relationships with people who use and the risk of relapse
  2. Identify 3 qualities of a positive relationship
  3. Identify 5 characteristics of bad communication and 5 simple effective communication skills to manage bad communication
Loneliness and Relapse Prevention

Lesson 17: Loneliness and Relapse Prevention

  1. Describe loneliness and the negative emotions that are experienced when lonely
  2. Describe boredom and 3 causes of boredom
  3. List five actions to take to end boredom or loneliness
  4. Watch or listen to this presentation as a video on the go!
New Friends And Relapse Prevention

Lesson 18: New Friends And Relapse Prevention

  1. Define friendship and give 3 positive outcomes of having friendships
  2. List 4 roles that friends can play
  3. Define peer and list 3 ways to meet peers
  4. Watch or listen to this presentation as a video on the go!
Changing Your View  Of Your World

Lesson 19: Changing Your View Of Your World

  1. Describe what evidence based information means
  2. Define probability and list two effective ways to make decisions
  3. Describe the importance of paying attention to learning and change

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