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You can make a difference, reclaim your life, and help your loved one end addiction! When they are finally in rehab, you heave a sigh of relief. And then the phone rings. It is not good news. What a sinking feeling of frustration and helplessness when your loved one has made it to rehab, only to quit or perhaps to be asked to leave. Wouldn't it be great to have your own expert to guide you in helping your loved one through the rehab experience? This book is based on proven research rather than personal experiences or hearsay. It can help make rehab and recovery less of a struggle for both you and the person attending rehab. Research does show that it’s possible to leave the addictions lifestyle behind. Find real answers!

  • How to pick the most effective rehab and help your loved one during rehab.
  • How addiction has impacted your life and how to reverse it.
  • Easily remove negative influences from your loved one’s life, including people, places and things.

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Make Your Last Relapse the last

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