Online Relapse Prevention Plan  Lessons

Online Lessons

14 online relapse prevention lessons to help you where you are. Start any time! These lessons work together with our book Make Your Last Relapse the Last. Follow along with the easy to read lessons, and complete exercises in the book.

Make Your Last Relapse the Last

Make Your Last Relapse The Last

Downloadable Workbook

Our workbook guides you to create your own personalized relapse prevention plan. Discover your relapse triggers, and make a plan to overcome them. Start today! All you need is the free pdf download, some paper, and a pen to start the exercises! Learn more.

Help Them Succeed

Downloadable Workbook

Wouldn't it be great to have your own expert to guide you in helping your loved one through the rehab experience? This book can help make rehab and recovery less of a struggle for both you and the person completing our book, or attending rehab. Learn more to help them prevent relapse.

Do you need help with relapse prevention?

Having difficulty coming up with enough money for drug and alcohol rehab? Are you on a waiting list for rehab and need something to help you while you are waiting to get in? Need to help a loved one with drug and alcohol addiction, and learn more about addiction and how to treat it? 

You have come to the right place! Each of the following lessons will help you understand and move away from addiction. Each lesson consists of around 40 slides, and will take around 15 minutes to go through. Start and stop any time, return whenever you want. And best of all, all the information is available free 24 hours a day.

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